The Instructors

Angel Maffei

McKenna Kanuit



Angel is a Massachusetts native that describes herself as a “diehard fitness enthusiast”. Angel has been active throughout her life in the fields of martial arts, kickboxing, cycling, aerobics, yoga and more.

In 1990 she moved to southern California and became certified as a personal trainer and spinning instructor. She taught classes while she continued her higher education studying Spanish both abroad and in California. Angel worked after that as a Medical office manager in Marina Del Rey for many years. During that time she realized that the busy pace and stress of the corporate world was not for her.

She had begun taking Pilates privately and was loving it more than anything she had ever done before. To her, this became the “end all, be all”. It was a discipline that was not only physically demanding, but mentally challenging as well. This seemed to be the perfect fit.

Angel received her certification to teach Pilates through the acclaimed ‘Pilates Center’ in Boulder Colorado in 2001. She is a PMA certified instructor and continues her Pilates studies through continuing education as well as her devout practice of yoga. Angel opened The Center…by the sea in September of 2008. She teaches both yoga and Pilates at her studio as well as in clients homes.

She believes that through these methods she can help clients to become better in tune with their bodies on all levels and to promote better overall balance and well-being.

McKenna grew up in Palos Verdes Estates where her passion for dancing began and evolved into her being on the song leading team at PV high and in several dance performances. The dance and song background led her to other forms of exercise and eventually to Pilates. After graduating from the University of Arizona, she decided to pursue a career in Pilates and earned her teaching certificate at Pilates Sports Center. Her Pilates education is always being shaped through continuing education such as jumpboard, barre, and high intensity workouts. Her desire as a teacher is to have people love their workouts and to enjoy a healthy lifestyle as much as she does.